Micro needling Collagen Induction Course 2 days

In this advanced Micro needling course you will go over the basics of Microneedling course Brisbane but it will mainly be focusing in on deeper depths “PRP- Platelet-rich plasma” that consist in re-infusing plasma back into the patient’s skin tissue, combined with collagen induction therapy treatment with your dermapen

Micro Needling Course

Issues that you can treat with Microneedling treatments


All course are delivery by a experienced Australia accredited TAE trainer

Zip pay & After pay available

Mornings Course Duration: Days in a row or separate full-time.

Evening Course Duration: 1 night per week over from 5pm to 9pm

Class sizes are small, generally with no more than 3 students. One on one training is available and can be tailored to suit a more flexible time plan. This option will provide considerably more observation performing treatments, plus additional hands-on practical training.

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